How to Raise Capital For Your Latest Real Estate Investment

The real estate market is filled with opportunities for beginning investors, but how do you finance your first investment? A traditional loan is one way to get started, but there are many other ways to raise capital to pay for your first real estate purchase. Which one you choose will depend on your own circumstances, [...]

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1217 Q1 Newsletter – Recently Closed, Upcoming Projects, and More!

Check out 1217 Realty Group's latest off-market properties, investments, and upcoming projects. All the latest happenings are below! 1217 Recently Closed: 1307 Locust St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 1217 Realty Group LLC closed on 1307 Locust St in February 2018. It is an 8,000 SF building and is zoned CMX-5. 1217 has plans in the works for a multi family building consisting of eleven units. This [...]

What Is The Philadelphia Real Estate Market Doing in 2018?

The Philadelphia housing market continues to be tight heading into the spring, which is normally the busiest selling and buying season all year. Even in January, buyers were already looking for their perfect home. There is still a wide range of homes and pricing available, allowing buyers to find the perfect property to meet their [...]

Philadelphia Real Estate to Finish Strong in 2017

As the weather turns cooler and people start getting ready for the holidays, the real estate market in the City of Brotherly Love is expected to stay its current course, which means that it will likely finish off the year in a positive note. Philadelphia has been a surprising real estate market in 2017. Right [...]

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Using Leverage to Finance Your Property and Risk Tolerance

One of the key advantages associated with real estate investments is the ability to leverage at least part of your up-front investment amount with a loan. For example, when you buy $50,000 worth of stocks, you will enjoy a return based on that $50,000 investment. On the other hand, if you use your $50,000 as [...]

What’s Happening in Philadelphia Real Estate

Recently, experts have observed what appears to be a continuous rebounding trend in the state of suburban Philadelphia real estate. For some time, one of the biggest points of discussion regarding Philadelphia real estate has been exactly what is to blame behind the relative stagnation concerning the rates of sales in the region. Based on [...]

Buying Vacant Land – Do’s and Don’ts

Buying vacant land gives you an opportunity to customize a property it to your liking, especially as a real estate investor. You can put a home on it, landscape it as you wish and sit on the property as it appreciates in value with low holding costs. There are considerations that you need to keep [...]

How to Leverage Technology in Today’s Real Estate Market

1217 Realty Group prides itself on being data driven and leveraging technology to find opportunities in Philadelphia and surrounding markets.  We thought it would make sense to discuss this topic in a little more detail as it's imperative to be leveraging both technology and data in today's real estate market. The real estate market of the [...]

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Real Estate Investing: Urban or Suburban Markets?

Investing in real estate in Philadelphia can be a very rewarding venture. Real estate offers tremendous benefits including regular cash flow, tax benefits, and a solid rock to stand on in times of inflation. You still have a problem though; deciding whether to invest in the urban or the suburban market. Whichever you choose will [...]

The New York City Real Estate Market: My 5 Takeaways

I visited New York City this past Wednesday and Thursday to network and to put my ear to the ground in order to understand what everyone is saying about the game that is Real Estate: The first event was related to debt and capital markets - I attended this to get a better gauge on [...]

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